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Departments Guide

We provide a wide range of healthcare services for women of all ages and children.

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Maternal and Child Health

Dept. of Maternal and Child Health provides health checkup for infants from 2 weeks of age to school attendance to support children’s healthy growth.
Please feel free to consult us on any concerns about your child’s physical and mental issues as well as meals and daily life.

Mental Health for Child and Adolescent

In this department, child and adolescent psychiatrists provide evaluation and treatment for children’s mental health problems (up to 12yo), such as “developmental problems” including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Hyperactivity Disorders and Learning Disabilities, “emotional problems” including Anxious and Depressive Disorders, Obsessive symptoms, non-attendance at school, and “habitual behavioral problems” including Tic symptoms and sleep problems.


Treats skin problems of patients from newborn babies to adults.
Children’s skin is very delicate. Skin care by the mother can prevent various troubles such as atopic dermatitis. Early treatment is important.

Internal Medicine for Women・Internal medicine

At the Department of Internal medicine for Women, female doctors examine health problems that are common in women, such as, the flu, allergy, fever, hypertension, constipation, asthma, the inflammation of the bladder, anemia, insomnia, etc. Prescriptions during pregnancy or breast-feeding are also available.
Services for husband and families are also available at the Department of Internal Medicine. Internist has medical expertise in medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment of various adult diseases.

Dental Unit