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About Aiiku Hospital

About Aiiku Clinic

Aiiku Hospital Philosophy

In order to ensure the happiness and healthy growth of all mothers and babies, Aiiku Hospital provides high-quality medical care and supportsa safe and comfortable pregnancy, labor/delivery, and child-rearing.

Fundamental Policies

In accordance with the mission of Aiiku Hospital as well as its parent organization is social welfare juridical person, we set our fundamental policies as follows to enrich current functions and to achieve our aims.

  1. We, as a hospital specializing in perinatal care, respond to social demands and provide high-quality medical care.
  2. We provide safe and comfortable medical/nursing care to be worthy of our clients’ trust.
  3. In regard to perinatal care, we cooperate with community medical institutions and contribute toward the improvement of maternal and child health.
  4. We pay appropriate attention to the health and safety of our health care providers and value their will to work.
  5. We endeavor in order to maintain securing of sound management.

Floor Guide

    Convenience Store , Restaurant , Convention Room , Assembly Room , Nutrition
    Pediatrics , PICU
    Operating Room , LDR , Pharmacy , Clinical Laboratory , Labor Room , SPD
    Obstetrics , Gynecologty , Internal medicine for women・Internal Medicine , Gynecology Surgery , Women's Health Medical Examination , Radiology , Physiological Laboratory
    Pediatrics , Pediatric Surgery , Medical Social Worker , Admisson & Dischange Support


December 23,1933 marked the birth or the Crown Prince (His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus),long awaited by the Japanese people.
During a birthday celebration held at the Imperial Place on February 23 the following year(1934), the preceding Emperor conveyed to Viscount Minoru Saito, the prime minister, the following Imperial message.
“On the occasion of the birth of the Crown Prince, His Majesty is pleased to grant ¥750,000 as funds for various facilities dedicated to the enlightenment and care of mothers and children in our county. ”
In accordance with the Imperial wish, the four cabinet ministers from the Imperial Household Agency, the Ministry for Home Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Overseas Affairs deliberated on the matter, resulting in the establishment of the “Imperial Gift Foundation Boshi-Aiiku-Kai, Aiiku Association for Maternal, Child Health and Welfare” on March 13 of the same year(1934).
With Princess Kuninomiya Chikako as president, Count Keigo Kiyoura as chairman, and Teizaburo Sekiya, a member of the House of Peers, as chief director, the association launched activities to promote maternal health and child welfare.

Japan at that time was in a recession, and suffered from deteriorating social conditions.
A ministry of health and welfare and public health centers had yet be established.
Under such insufficient conditions, little attention was given to maternal health and child welfare. This was an insecure period for the Japanese people.
In order to fulfill its founding mission, the Aiiku-kai Association embarked on scientific research relevant to the actual
conditions of people. Authorities in various fields were commissioned to make practical use of the results, leading to the
establishment of the Aiiku Research Committee in May 1934.
Discussions also were held on the possibility of launching comprehensive studies on maternal and child health, welfare and
education by expanding the activities of the Aiiku Research Committee. Upon completion of research facilities in October 1938,
the Aiiku Research Institute was opened in November of the same year. In December of the same year, the Aiiku Medical Office
(Department of pediatrics) was inaugurated as a clinical division. With the addition of an obstetrics devision in Desember 1940,
the Aiiku Medical Office was renamed Aiiku Hospital under the provisions of the 1949 Medical Treatment Law.
Since then, each department takes a close cooperation as a specialized hospital of mother and child, we've been doing a friendly
ongoing medical care to mother and child.

  • Mar.13, 1934

    Established Imperial Gift Foundation, AIIKU-KAI.

  • Dec.13, 1938

    Opening Aiiku Medical Oficce (Department of Pediatrics).

  • Dec.17, 1940

    Opening Aiiku Medical Oficce (Department of obstetrics).

  • Nov.15, 1949

    Aiiku Medical Office is renamed Aiiku Hospital.

  • Sep.1958

    Opened Health Guidance Department in Aiiku Hospital.

  • Sep.18, 1964

    Changed the name Aiiku Research Institute to Nippon Aiiku Research Institute.

  • Sep.1, 1980

    Opened Aiiku Maternal and Child Health Center (Aiiku Hospital, Health Guidance Department, Information & Training Department, and Research & Development Department)

  • Jan.11, 1983

    Held training session for perinatal-period medical personal.

  • Jan.1 1996

    Added Dermatology Department to Aiiku Hospital.

  • Apr.1, 1996

    Renovated Aiiku Hospital’s 4th floor ward as a 35-bed intensive care unit for new-born babies with 9 NICU beds and 26 GCU beds.

  • Sep.1, 1997

    Opened the Psychological Welfare Division within Aiiku Hospital.

  • Apr. 1999

    Specified in the comprehensive perinatal Maternal and Child Health Center from Tokyo.

  • Jan. 2003

    Opened the Pediatric Surgery within Aiiku Hospital.

  • Apr. 2013

    Opened the Child and Adolescent Mental Health within Aiiku Hospital.

  • Feb. 2015

    Opened the New Aiiku Hospital to Shibaura


Address 1-16-10SHIBAURA MINATO-KU,TOKYO 105-8321 JAPAN
Number of beds 160 (include NICU12, GCU24, MFICU9, PICU12)
Building structure Ten floors above ground
Closed to outpatients Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays,Year-end and New Year period
(December 29 to January 3);Anniversary of foundation(March 13)
Departments OB/GYN Newborn Medicine Pediatrics Pediatric Surgery
Women’s Internal Medicine/Internal Medicine Women’s Surgery Anesthesiology Radiology
Child and Adolescent Mental Health