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International Unit

Insurance and Payment

We accept all types of insurance including Japanese national health insurance (Kokumin-hoken and Shakai-hoken) and private overseas insurance. However, please note that not all doctors at the International Unit accept Japanese national health insurance. Please consult us when you make an appointment.
Regardless of the type of your insurance, we charge a consultation fee at each visit. The consultation fee is not covered by Japanese national health insurance. The price varies by doctors and the services you receive.
Please also be aware that national health insurance cannot be used with treatments unrelated to illness (health examinations, preventative immunization, normal child delivery, etc.).
Payment is appreciated at the time of service. We accept payment via cash or major credit cards.

For pregnant women

Pregnancy-related care is NOT covered by Japanese national insurance. Unless you, the expectant mother, develop a complication that requires medical attention, you have to pay for all prenatal, delivery-related and postnatal care on your own. However, the Japanese government does have a system of reimbursement.

If you have registered your residence in Japan, you are eligible to receive various benefits from the government. Please notify the municipal office of your pregnancy once it is confirmed. At the municipal office, a Maternal and Child Health Handbook will be issued on the spot, and you will receive maternity checkup vouchers. You can pay your prenatal care partially with the vouchers.

If you are insured by Japanese national health insurance, you are eligible to receive the Lump-Sum Benefits for Childbirth after childbirth. Some local governments also provide extra benefits for newborns. Please consult your local government office for availability.

Private health insurance policies offer different maternity coverage. Check your policy carefully to understand what is covered and what is not. Please bring insurance claim forms, if you have any, for reimbursement. We are happy to work with you in completing the paperwork required to make an insurance claim.

For Patients Eligible for Tax Exemption

Since Aiiku Clinic does not have tax-exempt status, we will reduce your consultation fees instead.
Please show your tax-exempt certificate at the International Unit reception counter before you see a physician.
The consumption tax (8%) will be indicated on your receipt at the time of payment; however, the charges are already deducted from your regular fees.